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Vivid Colours :: LJ

Frequent Dallyings

11/22/10 11:01 am - LJ Information

welcome information

♥ website

Kierran says

Hello. Welcome~ The above links lead to my website - feel free to browse. This journal will contain my photos, photo stories, and random news. If you would like to leave a general comment or say hi, you can do so on this post~ ^^

9/24/09 11:43 am - Nimue's New Clothes

Nimue's clothes arrived on Monday, and by the time I got home, I was unable to take good photos in the dim lighting I have. So apologies for the way some of these turned out. I took a few more just this morning- particularly the sitting ones where she is sitting next to Rift. You can see how different her skin looks in daylight. ^^

They're not going out- Rift's protective to her because of his past ties with her sister, who had long since left the living. ;_;

Here be more photos under cut.Collapse )

Nimue's dress is from Nine9 Style.
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9/17/09 09:53 pm - Rift

Here's Rift! Those who saw him at Animania (5th/6th Sept 09) would have seen my first feeble attempt at face uppery. Not quite what I intended for his character, so I'll be redoing it sometime later when I get more art supplies.

For now, he's a docile pet. :D

All photos in this post are indoor photos I've taken since.

I took the following waist-up topless photos of Rift for Myst who wanted to see how the Senior Delf body looked with the MD head. Might as well put it up here for y'all.Collapse ) ^^

The head is a little more pink, but because of the face blushing, he looks like the guy who would wear a jumper in summer. I'll be working on body blushing when I feel more confident in restringing him.

Rift is a migidoll Miho, with a Senior Delf Type 2 body. His wig is from Leeke, and jeans from 青空 / Aoi Sora. Eyes are life-like acrylic from Miniworld.

11/10/08 11:51 pm - Because the net is dead except for LJ and photobucket...


Read more...Collapse )

I will try to spending more time on this journal. @_@;

9/24/08 11:03 pm - Lazy spells

Been taking some photos, but they didn't turn out quite nice.

Nevertheless, here is one of them - because I feel obliged to show everyone how pretty the stage ammonium made to take photos of her jewellery for Poupee is.

Also, wynter_myst helped find a cute dress for Illy... it's a YoSD-sized top which fits her as a dress.

8/19/08 02:50 pm - Ilmenhin!

Her E-D eyes are finally here~~ :3

8/16/08 11:24 pm - SMASH! 2008 Dollfie Area

It took me this long to put up photos because I am still recovering from SMASH!.

When you thought she'd never get to Sydney!Collapse )

Trying to get everyone into the shot...

And the rest goes under cut due to size.Collapse )

So happy to have met everyone who turned up. ^___^ I'm sorry I didn't get to be chatty much as I had to run everywhere else. ;___; I won't be as chatty for the upcoming Animania convention either; as again, I'm staff. -___-;

7/31/08 11:45 pm - Box Opening - Nimue

Taking box opening photos isn't a biggy - it's uploading the right photos that's always the trouble.

Nevertheless I am so pleased with BlueFairy despite of what I've heard in relation to shipping as promised. Which is wonderful, given that the site mentioned shipping starts on the 29th. They... had it PO'ed on the 28th, and Nimue arrived within 2 days (on the 30th). O_O She arrived at work, and I had to open the box there as the receptionist who signed for the parcel was interested in seeing what doll was in the box. A few comments on the cleavage... leaving me flailing internally at trying to explain that the abundant pair of assets isn't why I got her.

Anyway, boxwards onwards!Collapse )

More photos next time. I just got this new camera today, but let's take one step at a time with photo-spamming.

7/10/08 02:52 pm - Smash! '08: You've heard the rumours...

You ready? Let's go!

Click here for details. Non-fake cut, no hidden pictures!Collapse )

Visit www.smash.org.au now for details on other events!

6/16/08 09:51 pm

More photos of Illy (and Kierran)! :D

Kierran: I'm in parentheses now...
Illy: ;3

3 More Photos~Collapse )
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